This course provides basic knowledge of the law and regulations governing the cannabis industry. Students will be instructed on methods to track good compliance to ensure consumer health and safety and diversion prevention. This course familiarizes students with a point-of-sale system, which tracks sales and inventory. Students also develop a simulated peer-to-peer training session that demonstrates their knowledge of the compliance procedures most common in the field, combined with their ability to communicate them to regulatory agencies. The course also describes the application processes for cannabis licenses.

This course provides basic knowledge regarding the roots of cannabis prohibition and its multi-generational impact on our country and around the world. Students demonstrate knowledge about the global re-legalization efforts surrounding cannabis use. Students effectively demonstrate knowledge of the social equity programs in the State of New Jersey, among other states.

This course introduces the fundamentals of biosecurity, various pests that pose a threat to cannabis production, and products throughout the entire vertical supply chain. The various insects, microbes, birds and rodents that pose a threat to the production of quality cannabis are discussed. Students learn about leading integrated pest management theory, workplace sanitation, reporting, and accountability. Students are introduced to safe-handling procedures and the basics of OSHA.

This course provides students with skills to properly profile strains of cannabis and ability to identify most, if not all the different types of products offered to consumers, including basic chemical makeup and their effects and side-effects. Students will also learn about the various production processes and consumption methods.

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