Health Information and Reimbursement

MDC-210 : Health Information and Reimbursement

Academic Level:
Nursing and Health Sciences
Medical Coding
Complete MDC-112 and MDC-120.

This course is a comprehensive study of health information and reimbursement. The health information component of the course includes health record documentation, the electronic health record, healthcare delivery systems, and information technology and systems. Data retrieval, data security and data integrity processes are identified and evaluated. The second focus of the course is on the basic concepts and principles of healthcare reimbursement in healthcare settings and managed care. The current healthcare insurance programs both commercial and government sponsored are described in the context of the United States' health delivery system. Students also learn the management of the revenue cycle. In the laboratory portion of the course, students gain knowledge of and skills in the use of electronic health records. This course requires students to purchase AHIMA Virtual Lab software to complete the laboratory exercises.