Clinical Coding II

MDC-112 : Clinical Coding II

Academic Level:
Medical Coding
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The emphasis of this course is on coding procedures using ICD-10-PCS classification system. The course also contains advance coding of diagnosis using ICD-10-CM. The history, structure, and organization of ICD-10-PCS is reviewed and reinforced with exercises and homework assignments. The sixteen sections of ICD-10-PCS are defined along with their application in coding procedures. The values of each character of a code from each section is applied to create surgical codes. The Tables, Index, and the list of codes are used to access the root operation tables and the construction of a surgical code. The use of the Index and Table conventions are described and used to construct procedural codes. The Medical and Surgical section are emphasized in the courses with the thirty-one body system values and its root operations, body parts, approaches, devices and qualifiers. The organization and classification of the ancillary section such as imaging, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, physical rehabilitation and diagnostic audiology, mental Attachment II health and substance abuse treatment are studied and coded. In addition, students conduct case mix analysis, identify severity of illnesses and create reports on coding quality monitors.