An introduction to the basic functions underlying the sound management of a business enterprise. Topics covered are planning, organizing, staffing, influencing, and controlling.

Marketing3 Credits

A study of business activities involved in the flow of goods from physical production to consumption. Operations management, international management and business ethics are also studied.

Introduction to the challenges and problems encountered in small business operations. Specific evaluation of organizational, financial, and personnel aspects are studied. The role of the Small Business Administration is examined as well as other types of assistance to the small enterprise. Prerequisite: MAN 121 or permission of instructor.

The development and direction of personnel, including job planning, recruitment, selection, career development, evaluation, grievances, and discipline.

The financial problems and policies of a business corporation are discussed. The following areas are covered: financial planning, management of short-term and intermediate credit, working capital, trade credit, financial statements, retained earnings, credit and collection practices.

A study of labor/management relations focuses on the collective bargaining process. Federal/state legislation, grievance procedures, and wage issues are discussed.

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