Early Childhood Edu Extern I

ECE-231 : Early Childhood Edu Extern I

Academic Level:
Social Science
Early Childhood Education
Complete ECE-201 ECE-211 ECE-213 ECE-214 ECE-215 ECE-220 ECE-230 or EDU-211.

The Externship courses in the Early Childhood Education Program are designed to allow the student to develop professional standards and practical skills in an early childhood setting. This course will provide the student opportunity to gain first-hand experience and learn the process of integrating knowledge skills and techniques with teaching practice. Students work or volunteer in 120-hour field experience at a child care center, school or site that provides care and education to children. They are expected to perform the required professional tasks of assisting the regular classroom teacher in implementing the center?s child development and activity program, and to gradually assume the responsibilities of a ?group teacher.? Under the direction and supervision of the regular classroom teacher, the student will plan and implement activities that are appropriate to both the age and developmental level of the children.