Infant/Toddler CDA Workshop II

CDI-110 : Infant/Toddler CDA Workshop II

Academic Level:
Social Science
Complete CDI-100.
Complete CDI-120 priviously of concurrently.

This course helps students expand their knowledge of the Child Development Associate credentialing process and provides comprehensive instruction in early childhood education/child development. Students will develop skills in planning curriculum for infants and toddlers and complete the Professional Portfolio. The course offers 60 contact hours of formal training covering the six Competency Standards as required by The Council for Professional Recognition. Combined with CDI 100, Infant/Toddler CDA Workshop I, students will satisfy the 120 contact hours of formal training, as required by the CDA National Credentialing System. Students are expected to be employed, or to volunteer, either full- or part-time, in an Early Head Start program or a child care center, with children between the ages of birth through 36 months. The course can be applied to the Early Childhood Education programs as a substitute for ECE 230, Infant/Toddler Curriculum. Prerequisite: CDI 100; Co-requisite: CDI 120