This course introduces the basic principles and techniques used in bread baking and pastry arts. It covers: Product identification, proper use of equipment, measurements, baking terminology along with food costing and storeroom procedures, and demonstrations of mixing methods for yeast raised breads, cakes, custards, chocolate, sugar and creams are included. Prerequisites: CAI 113, CAI 114, CAI 117, CAI 118, CAI 119

Emphasis will be on various bread mixing methods and their characteristics. Students will learn the relationship between mixing and fermentation. The understanding of gluten and its importance in the bakeshop will be a key component to the lab. Lean and rich doughs will be produced using hands-on techniques. Also the craft of artisan breads will be taught using a diversity of pre-ferments and sponges showing their advantages and disadvantages. Pre-requisite: CAI 119 Co-requisite: CBP 120

Students will utilize cake mixing methods to create traditional and nontraditional desserts. The use of timeless fillings and icings such as ganache and Bavarian cream will culminate with the student creating classical desserts such as Linzer Torte, Sacher Torte and Gateau St. Honore. The ever popular cupcake will also be produced showing its versatility in today's market. Prerequisite: CAI 129 and CBP 122; Co-requisite: CBP 120

Students will learn how to work with an ice cream machine to create basic frozen desserts, such as sorbets, sherbets, ice creams, and Italian ices. Techniques to produce meringues and their various applications will be taught. An introduction of hot and cold souffles completes the course. Prerequisite: CBP 124

This class is designed for students to have an understanding of a different career option available in the pastry arts. The class is divided into two distinct styles of desserts. The first half of the class will be devoted to learning restaurant and cafe style pastries along with the art of plating. The second half of the course will cover the mass production aspect of the pastry industry. The focus will be on in-store retail/bakery style desserts using pre-mixes. Prerequisite: CBP 211

The art of working with chocolate, candy making, and petits fours is the emphasis of this class. Students learn chocolate tempering, and will be able to apply it to create a wide variety of truffles, molded candies and decorations. Students produce popular candies using knowledge gained in Introduction to Professional Baking. The course also covers the production of mignardise, petits fours, such as sec and glace.

The Advanced Bread Baking class is designed for bakers seeking to further their technical knowledge and to refine their hands-on skills in the art of making artisanal bread. The course offers a complex and detailed examination of the bread baker's art. Content material focuses extensively on the creation and use of sprouted, whole, and heirloom, flours in the maintenance of sourdough and levain cultures, as well as the production of sourdough bread using ancient grains. Students produce various breads of both contemporary and ancient origin. Hands-on time is also devoted to the creation of a decorative bread display. A key focus is on naturally leavened breads that use ancient grains.

Students use classical and current techniques to create a Chocolate, Sugar and Pastillage showpiece. Students learn the elements of planning, designing and assembling a competition caliper showpiece of their own design. Through multiple techniques inclusive of template making, casting, sculpting, blowing, pulling, and decorating, students will create a multiple medium showpiece.

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