Introduction to Gallery Management

ART-210 : Introduction to Gallery Management

Academic Level:
Complete 1 course; from ART-115 ART-120 ART-125;

Introduction to Gallery Management introduces students to the hybrid nature of arts-related careers including museum education, curatorship, arts administration, and operating commercial galleries. Students gain first hand experience in the day-to-day gallery experience working in the Benjamin J. Dineen, III and Dennis C. Attachment II Hull Gallery and demonstrate the scholarship, production and marketing skills necessary for the successful creation of an art exhibition and/or sustained gallery program. The material covered in Introduction to Gallery Management provides students with a general model of how art galleries function as cultural institutions that collect, display and interpret art and objects. Topics include the history of art display and art exhibition education and students explore curatorial practice within the vast range of gallery and museum exhibition spaces. The course provides practical experience for students interested in pursuing a career in the visual arts. As students engage with the course material they also develop and enhance their skills in visual and verbal literacy, self-expression, creative problem solving, writing, and critical thinking. The course material is complemented by field trips to museums and galleries in New York and New Jersey. Students will complete independent work as a docent at the Benjamin J. Dineen, III and Dennis C. Hull Gallery for twelve hours over the course of the semester.